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Transatlantic AI-based Robotics

What is TransAIR?

Most of Germany's collaborative research occur within the European Union. TransAIR aims to extend collaboration between a regional network of researchers from Germany with scientist in USA. The goal is leveraging research in the field of AI and Robotics through cooperation and better understanding of each other’s approach. TransAIR is supported by “The Future of Work” an initiative of the German Ministry of Education and Research funds.

      TransAIR plans:

  • Learning from each other lies at the heart of the transatlantic dialog. To better understand current perspectives and research focus of both countries, we plan to organize open discussions on AI and Robotics, conferences and workshops in the USA
  • Offer transatlantic research opportunities through cooperation with and in German research projects
  • Promote open research for AI-based Robotics (open science, open source, open data, citizen science)

Open AI-based Robotics,
heart of AI collaboration.

TransAIR beliefs

  • TransAIR presupposes that a transatlantic dialog enables learning from each other and leverages cooperation.
  • Through a cooperation of the research locations USA and Germany best results can be expected, benefiting from each others strength.
  • The most promising way to benefit all is open research AI-based Robotics.
  • AI and Robotics offers advantages to companies based in USA and Germany that are not simple to foresee.


TransAIR is part of the international initiative “Future of Work” funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, shaping the future in a positive way.


Teaser: Kitchen hacks for robots build on open-source.

Making pizza, popcorn or pancakes is no problem for the robots Boxy and Pepper from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen. But is their artificial intelligence really enough to provide help to people who really need it in their everyday lives?....

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Posted on 18.12.2019

TransAIR at Silicon Valley

German and US researchers come together in Silicon Valley to network on attractive work models for the future

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Posted on 15.11.2019

International panel discusses impact of AI on society

Scientists from the US, Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Germany presented their views of the risks and opportunities surrounding AI and robotics...

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Posted on 22.10.2019

TransAIR kickoff started

TransAIR launched with a panel discussion where experts from countries around the globe discussed on the impact of AI and potentials on international cooperation. This event took place in the EASE Fall School at the University of Bremen.

Read the full press release here: Bremer Institutionen starten transatlantischen Dialog zu Künstlicher Intelligenz und Robotik

Posted on 14.10.2019